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Amplified Phones and Internet Solutions

If you have difficulty hearing on the phone, you may qualify for a no-cost amplified or captioned phone from these programs!

Amplified and captioned phones work just like any other phone, with some important additions. Amplified phones are several times louder than a regular phone, and have features such as tone control and speech slowing to increase clarity. Captioned phones have a screen that displays every word the caller says throughout the conversation, so users can listen to the caller, and also read the written captions. Best of all, there are several state and federal programs that provide these phones for free to those with a hearing loss!

Amplified and captioned phone programs

A state program that provides free specialized phones to California residents, including phones with hard of hearing, limited mobility, and low vision solutions.

A federal program that provides free captioned phones to those with hearing loss. They offer multiple phone models, a no cost captioning service, free installation, and a 24/7 help line. For those without high speed internet access, they offer the CapTel 840, which works with a standard analog telephone line.

Another federal program that provides free captioned phones to those with hearing loss. They offer free installation, ongoing customer support, bluetooth compatibility, and an iPad version in addition to their standard landline model.

A free app that provides real-time captioning for smartphones. Android and iPhone compatible.

A captioned phone from the federal program CaptionCall.

Although these phones are free to those with a hearing loss, monthly internet cost can be a barrier that prevents someone who needs a phone from getting it. These programs may be able to help!

Low-cost internet solutions

Low cost home internet service, available to households with at least one resident who participates in the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and that are within AT&T's service area.

Low cost home internet service, available to seniors receiving federal or state public assistance, and that are within Comcast's service area.

A federal program that gives discounts on monthly internet costs for low income households.


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