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Maggie Controy - Director of Programs

I grew up in the Midwest but have spent the last 40 years living in California. I received my master’s degree in Psychology (Art Therapy) from Notre Dame de Numur University in Belmont, California.

My career has mainly been spent as an integrated marketing campaign director for various Silicon Valley high-tech enterprises, including start-ups and large corporations. I’ve developed and managed marketing campaigns, training programs, events, and product launches.

Throughout my career I have always tried to give back to my community through marketing, creative, or volunteering efforts, working with organizations including, Hearing the Call, Alalusi Foundation, Asian Arts Council, and the Center for Living with Dying.

In 2017 Jane asked if I could join a humanitarian trip to Jordan with Hearing the Call to provide art as therapy to children while they waited to receive hearing healthcare. I was so enthralled with the trip I became more involved, traveling back to Jordan and to Mozambique, Lebanon, and Guatemala over the subsequent years. In 2019 Jane and Debbie offered me a position at Pacific Hearing Connection to help our local community and I was thrilled to accept.

I deeply admire the mission of Pacific Hearing Connection and appreciate the fact that all patients receive the very highest quality care with compassion and integrity.

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