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Kirstin Kajita - Administrative Manager

Kirstin Kajita has been working with Dr. Clark and Dr. Baxter since 2010 as a patient care coordinator for Pacific Hearing Service. What started as a one-off volunteer project to create the Pacific Hearing Connection website quickly turned into full time involvement. Her passion for design and structure, combined with her commitment to Dr. Clark and Dr. Baxter's vision for affordable hearing healthcare in the Bay Area, motivated her to take on the roll of administrative manager for PHC. She was made a Board Member in July 2017.


In addition to being the point of contact for most patients, Kirstin creates all of the nonprofit's forms and literature, schedules appointments, handles donations, organizes outreach events, manages the nonprofit's email account, and continues to update and maintain the website. Her hope is to see Pacific Hearing Connection succeed just as Pacific Hearing Service before it, so that more of our community will have access to hearing healthcare.