Are your hearing aids free?

No. Although we do receive donated hearing aids from the community, we do not offer free hearing aids. The hearing aids we receive through donations are refurbished and these costs are rolled into the price of the hearing devices. If we do not have the appropriate hearing aids for a patient in stock through this program, we may have to purchase them from manufactures.

I don’t qualify for most social programs, yet I cannot afford hearing aids. Would I qualify for your program?

It's possible! We have expanded the poverty thresholds within our clinic to include the “working poor” class who often fall between the cracks when it comes to attaining hearing healthcare services. We provide services for people with a household annual income up to 400% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. Keep in mind, having access to liquid assets like savings, stocks, bonds is also considered and may disqualify you from our program or adjust your sliding scale fees. We would require these assets be limited, so if this is the situation, please contact our office for more information on the specific amounts. We also consider extenuating circumstances such as outstanding medical bills when determining eligibility.

What are the Federal Poverty Guidelines and how do I know if I qualify?

The Federal Poverty Guidelines are issued each year in the  Federal Register by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The guidelines help determine financial eligibility for certain programs. This chart below will shows qualifying annual income by the number of people in your household. All income earned in the family is counted towards your annual income.

2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Why do I need to complete volunteer service hours to receive hearing aids if I am paying a sliding scale fee?

As a nonprofit serving low-income individuals, we have limited resources. We rely on donations, grants, volunteers, and other sources of income to be sustainable. Our volunteer service program allows us to thank our community for supporting our organization and making it possible to offer the reduced fees on the sliding scale fee basis. If you physically cannot do your volunteer service, our provisions allow for a loved one, friend, or other person to complete your hours on your behalf.

My mother passed away and was a hearing aid user. Is there anything that can be done with her hearing aids?

Yes! We have two donation sites, and the hearing aids we receive there will definitely help in providing the Gift Of Hearing to someone else in our community. Some hearing aids can be refurbished and will be able to go right onto someone else. Others can be turned in to hearing aid manufacturers for credit towards the purchase of a new aid. Donated hearing aids can be accepted in any working or non-working condition, and from any manufacturer.​ See our donate page for more details.